‘Copperbelt PF youth wing has gone to sleep’

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 10:35:04 +0000




THE Patriotic Front (PF) youth wing on the Copperbelt has gone to sleep and needs to wake up so that its presence can be felt through various programmes in the province,’ says member Mumbi Muwele.

Mr Muwele said it was clear that the PF youth wing in the Copperbelt has gone to sleep because it has been failing to organize party activities and initiating youth programmes.

He said in an interview in Kitwe at the weekend that it was sad and disappointing that the PF youths in the province were only active when President Edgar Lungu was in the province.

“I am a youth, a staunch supporter of the PF. I have never voted for another party from the time PF was formed, but I am saddened that the vibrancy and zeal that the youths had previously shown is not there. I am not scared to say the PF youth wing on the Copperbelt has gone to sleep,

“The only time the PF youth in the province gets active is when President Lungu is in the area. When President Lungu goes back to Lusaka, then the youth wing goes to sleep. We need to wake up so that our presence can be felt through party mobilization activities and youth programmes “Mr Muwele said.

Mr Muwele said the youths in the province should not wait for the top organs of the party to initiate their programmes, but should take it upon themselves to initiate their own programmes which the top organs of the party should support.

He said the role of the youths in the party was to initiate youth programmes, mobilize the party and defend the name of the President from those who were insulting him.

“If people are insulting our President, who is the republican President, we should stand up and tell them to have respect for the republican President. So, as youths, we should be alert, vibrant and loyal to the party President.

“This is where the importance of waking up from slumber comes in, we have been sleeping for a long time and so let us ensure that we set the stage for a vibrant youth wing,” He said.


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