Courts should consider economy first – students

Thu, 15 Dec 2016 15:04:07 +0000


THE judiciary should support Government’s efforts in implementing the austerity measures intended to recover the economy by avoiding unnecessary by-elections, National Institute for Public Administration Students Union (NIPASU) president Joseph Busenga has advised.          

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Busenga said it was good that Government had put in place austerity measures to ensure that there was money in the Treasury but that the number of by-elections were frustrating the measures for economic recovery.

Mr Busenga pointed out that the austerity measures would significantly accelerate the rate at which the country’s economy was recovering.

Mr Busenga however stated that the judiciary was suffocating Government’s efforts in ensuring that the economy was quickly revamped by exerting extra pressure on the Treasury beyond the Budget.

He explained that some of the grounds on which the courts were basing their nullifications of election petitions were of no value compared to national development.

Mr Busenga said that Government had in the past spent a lot of money needed for development on by-elections.

“Government is losing a lot of money in these by-elections. The courts should take that into consideration even as they decide on these election petitions. Some allegations are petty and without proper evidence. Those should be thrown out to lessen on the number of by-elections,” he said

He advised the courts to endeavor to uphold petitions whose grounds were based on public interest rather than personal interest.

Mr Busenga reiterated that the courts should consider national interest first in its rulings at the expense of ‘‘personal justice’’.

And Mr Busenga urged all public institutions to support Government’s efforts in stabilizing the economy by ensuring that there was discipline in the use of resources.

He warned that misuse of resources and exerting pressure on Government to spend beyond the Budget would slow down economic growth.

Mr Busenga however reiterated that the judiciary should be accorded an atmosphere to operate independently but that they should prioritise the benefits of the country as a whole.


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