Daily Nation sues Mast, Nelson Phiri

Mon, 03 Apr 2017 10:53:32 +0000

THE Daily Nation newspaper has demanded for an apology as well as retraction of a news article by the Mast newspaper failure to which the company will commence legal action.

In a letter addressed to the Mast newspaper dated March 30, 2017 the Nation has demanded for an apology as well as retraction of an article published in its issue No.0140 on pages 1 and 7 under a headline “Daily Nation Lying” which was attributed to Lusaka Province Commissioner Nelson Phiri.

The Nation has also written to Mr Phiri demanding a retraction and apology for allegedly refuting a story when, in fact, the reporter was in possession of a recording of the interview in which he confirmed that INTERPOL was assisting in arresting fugitive former Post newspaper proprietor Fred M’membe.

The lawyers stated that the Mast made unsubstantiated, yet serious allegations against their client (Daily Nation) without any attempts to verify the authenticity or truthfulness as well as correct position against them.

In a letter of demand, they stated that it was their client’s instructions that the aforesaid publication by the Mast was grossly untruthful and constituted serious libel against their client’s reputation, hence had adversely affected their good standing in society.

The law firm said that the Mast had engaged in spreading false, destructive and defamatory rumours about Daily Nation, saying that it was unacceptable and that the said article had damaged its reputation in society which was unlawful under the Zambian laws.

The advocates said that Daily Nation was a well-respected business in the society and that it had spent years building a positive reputation for itself.

“Accordingly, we demand that you immediately cease and desist your unlawful defamation of our client and our strict instructions are to demand, as we do now, a retraction of the said publication and an apology to be published in your newspaper in the manner and content to be approved by our client within seven days of your receipt of this letter.

“In the same vein that you fail to meet this demand, our client reserves the right to pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages and court cases and legal fees by way of damages and injury to reputation,” the letter reads in part.


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