Davis Mwila tells off M’membe

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 08:56:19 +0000


 THE problems which former Post Newspaper proprietor Fred M’membe and his wife Mutinta Mazoka are going through are non-political and they should not drag the name of President Edgar Lungu into their issues but concentrate on paying their debts, Patriotic Front (PF) chief executive officer (CEO) Davis Mwila has warned.

And Mr Mwila, who is former Home Affairs Minister and Chipili PF member of Parliament, warned Mr M’membe and his wife to immediately stop dragging the name of the Head of State into their business but deal with the liquidator of the Post Newspaper and other institutions which they owe money.

Mr Mwila was reacting to a statement which was recently issued by Mr M’membe accusing President Lungu of being after him following the arrest of his wife Mutinta.

“Fred M’membe and the wife owe DBZ and other institutions and that is the reason why a judgment was made in favour of DBZ and other institutions.

“…The liquidators have come in so that the money is recovered, so, failure to pay the money these problems will still continue,” Mr Mwila said.

He has since appealed to Mr M’membe and his wife to pay the money to the liquidator and other people whom they owed. “But as long as this issue of not paying the money is not sorted out, these problems will continue. “So, I would appeal to them that they pay the money and they should not drag the name of the President in their issues because the President Edgar Lungu is innocent,” he said.

Mr M’membe described the arrest of wife as inhuman and unacceptable done in bad faith.

“President Edgar Lungu and his agents ought to have known I was out of the country visiting the USA and Jamaica. The warrant to arrest me was, therefore, a farce. It was meant to enter, search, intimidate, harass and humiliate my family,” he said.  Mr M’membe said the liquidation of The Post was supposed to be a civil issue, adding that using the police, intelligence officers and the entire state machinery, including State House, was unwarranted.

“It is me President Edgar Lungu is after.

He should have the patience to wait for a few more days,” Mr M’membe said.



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