Detractors put to shame-Masumba

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PRESIDENT Lungu’s detractors who wished him ill-health have been put to shame as we have seen that the Head of State is enjoying good health and the Zambian people should not take them seriously, says Patriotic Front former Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba.

In an interview over the weekend, Mr Masumba said that some opposition political parties particularly the UPND were ‘‘still in shock as well as denial’’ and that they had become too politically desperate to seek attention and that they had chosen to parade themselves before the international community to complain about internal issues.

He said that the Zambian people should not take such detractors seriously, saying that President Lungu upon his arrival from Israel as well as when he went to cheer the Under 20 soccer team against Egypt at the Heroes stadium,  everyone present and people on television saw for themselves that he was in good health.

Mr Masumba said that under normal circumstances people who wished others ill health would only be described as ‘‘politically mad’’ as well as immature and that it was against tradition and the country’s norm as a Christian nation to celebrate one’s misfortune and more especially when it was false.

“Our friends from the opposition more especially the UPND are still not believing that they lost the election; they are still in a political shock and denial, this is what is actually making them to be politically desperate.

“We have seen their maneuvres to parade themselves before the international community who visit the country to complain about internal affairs.

“Everyone at the stadium and via television saw that the President was jovial and he kept on cheering the boys and he has put his detractors to shame,” Mr Masumba said.

He urged UPND president Hakainde Hichilema not to forget that he would also want the support of others and that he should not be antagonistic.

Mr Masumba said that the kind of investors that President Lungu and his ministers had wooed from their visit to Israel would benefit the country.


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