Disgruntled senior PF officials carpeted

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 10:46:24 +0000



DISGRUNTLED PF officials have been accused of working with the opposition political parties to frustrate President Lungu’s efforts aimed at developing Zambia for the benefit of the Zambians.

Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga said the ‘big wigs’ from the ruling Patriotic Front party fanning confusion to divert people from issues of national interest should be removed because they were a hindrance to the country’s development.

Mr Mulenga alleged that there were seemingly factions that were being created in the ruling PF and that if not checked, would actually divide the party.

He advised President Edgar Lungu to cane those individuals who were blowing confusion and prove to them that PF leadership had evolved.

Mr Mulenga noted that some party members were still in denial that there was change and that PF was now under the leadership of President Lungu.

He accused party officials of having connived with some opposition political parties who did not want to recognise President Lungu as the republican President aimed at frustrating his leadership.

“It cannot be disputed that there is a faction in the ruling party which is actually being blown by senior officials and this breakdown of morality that is striking is worrying,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said there was need for dignity and respect for the Presidency, saying the seed of discontentment that was planted in the PF should not be tolerated.

He said it was not a guarantee that founding members should be the only one to be considered, but that instead must open the doors for other new members who were ready to join the ruling PF.

He alleged that some disgruntled PF members were deliberately giving opportunities to the opposition to frustrate efforts that were made by the PF in developing the nation.

Mr Mulenga cautioned the so called PF founders to wait for their right and consider to accept that President had authority over them, whether they liked him or not.


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