‘Disposable marriages’ cause of family crises – expert

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 12:59:31 +0000




THE increasing numbers of broken families have resulted in a society with high rates of crime, corruption and disappointment, Families and Nations country coordinator Judith Mwila has said.

Ms Mwila said that families were breaking up because people were getting into marriages for the wrong reasons and ‘‘others are getting married to get out’’.

“We have started having disposable marriages; because of porous foundation where people get into marriage to get out, people are getting into marriage without focus to maintain a marriage,” she said.

Ms Mwila said that people were not getting counselling that was beneficial before marriage because some of the causes of divorce were avoidable.

“Some people get divorced because of poverty, which is not even a permanent condition because people can just work hard and deal with poverty but most marriages are not built on genuine grounds in today’s society,” she said.

Ms Mwila said poor morals at family level have also contributed to some of the marriages breaking and it was shameful to see husbands impregnating their wives’ younger sisters.

“It makes you wonder what morals are being taught at family level because even the girl should be able to tell someone that the brother-in-law is making advances on them,” she said.


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