DJ Chichi’s girlfriend wants boyfriend released

Sun, 15 Jan 2017 10:36:44 +0000


A VICTIM of gender-based violence, Nagaad Saad who was brutally beaten and undressed in public by her boyfriend, Chibemba Chishinga commonly known as DJ Chichi has called for the release of the perpetrator.

And Zambia Women’s Lobby Chairperson Beauty Katebe has expressed disappointed over Saad‘s demand that the boyfriend should be released because she was not consulted.

Ms Saad who stormed ZANIS offices in Kafue complained about the imprisonment of her boyfriend, Chibemba Chishinga, stating that she was not consulted and that they were still in “Love”.

Ms Saad said the jailing of her boyfriend has made her life miserable as he was her bread winner and was her source of income.

She said that her boyfriend acted that way under the influence of alcohol, and she had forgiven him, thereby reconciled.

“The Anti-gender based violence activists and law enforcers in the district have made a name out of my incidence. We have reconciled and I still “Love him”, so government should release him because he is my bread winner and my blesser. Life has been tough because the person who used to take care of me is jailed and that five years was too much,” he said.

She appealed to Government, donors and well-wishers rendering help to victims of gender-based violence (GBV) to directly deal with the affected persons other than going through the activists.

Ms Katebe said she was very disappointed that Ms Saad could even have courage to speak about such an ugly scene that went viral.

“She should first feel ashamed of herself, which bread winner is she talking about, an abuser, assailant? No, the law enforcers should not even entertain such nonsense. These are the same people who are frustrating our efforts including Government to fight GBV in the country,” she said in an angry voice.

Ms Katebe, however, thanked the judiciary and the Zambia police for expediting the case, adding that the judgement was very fair, hence offenders should learn from.

But Kafue Acting District Commissioner, Joseph Kamana explained there was need for the community to understand the Anti-GBV Act.

Mr Kamana said the enactment of the Anti-Gender Based Violence Act of 2011, showed Government’s commitment to eradicate the vice in the country.

He further said the act allowed member of the public, NGOs and state to prosecute perpetrators of GBV on behalf of the victim.

“The case cannot be withdrawn as it was against the State while the victim is a State witness. I think there is need for these NGOs to start sensitising the community on the issue of GBV and also the Anti-Gender Based Violence Act that was enacted in 2011. I am commending the judiciary and the police in the district for handling the case efficiently,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kafue District anti-GBV champion Dorcus Mumba has advised victims to stop interfering with cases of such nature but let the law take its course.

Pastor Mumba said the role of GBV activists is to protect the integrity of the women in the district.

Saad was publicly brutally beaten and undressed by her boyfriend DJ Chichi at Gabino night club in Kafue last year, the issue which attracted sympasizers from all walks of life.

DJ Chichi was convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour by Magistrate Masoja Mbewe in Kafue on 4th January, 2017.


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