Don’t charge for public conveniences, ERB warns OMC

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:23:33 +0000



FILLING stations that are charging motorists for the use of toilets when the licence clearly stipulates that conveniences must be provided to the public free of charge risk their licences being revoked, the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has warned.

ERB Director-Consumer and Public Affairs Agnes Phiri said that it had observed that a named filling station in Kapiri Mposhi was charging motorists a fee to access its toilets.

She added that filling station owners were required to provide ancillary services such as a functioning toilet, compressed air, tyre inflator and pressure gauge in accordance with the ERB licence conditions.

Ms Phiri reminded all Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs) that the conditions attached to each and every licence endorsed by the ERB were not a mere formality and that they should be executed without fail.

“We are also aware that some fuel attendants have a tendency to turn away motorists on the pretext that the toilets on the site are out of use and we wish to reiterate that inspection teams will continue to undertake random checks to ensure that filling stations are not charging motorists who want to use their toilets,” she said.

Ms Phiri advised members of the public to demand for a receipt whenever they were charged so that proof of payment could be used to facilitate enforcement action against an erring licensee.

She said that ERB would continue to ensure that OMCs strictly adhered to licence conditions to protect the interests of consumers.

Ms Phiri has advised members of the public to report energy related complaints to the ERB Consumer Toll Free line 8484.


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