DPP office not for settling political scores-Lungu

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 10:17:12 +0000

NEVER succumb to pressures from some opportunists lurking around, scheming to use the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to settle personal scores, President Edgar Lungu has warned Fulata Lilian Shawa-Siyunyi, the new DPP.

And President Lungu has directed police commissioner at State House Chewe Bowa to instil high level of discipline among officers serving at State House and advised him to settle down quickly in his new portfolio and address any challenges. Speaking when he swore in the duo at State House yesterday, President Lungu said he had no doubt that Mrs. Siyunyi would discharge her duties well because of her vast experience at the bar which spans over 20 years.

He said the temptations in the office of the DPP were high as witnessed by the previous developments where some people served less than a week and were removed from the position. President Lungu stated that he was expecting high levels of professionalism and ethical conduct from Mrs Siyuni. “I think you are going to be an example for a solid, grounded professional woman and I say so knowing that the temptations of these offices are always there.

But your office seems to have more challenges because in the past, this offices has been abused inadvertently and sometimes wilfully to settle personal scores. I do not expect you to succumb to those who want to settle their scores using your office. “Your office should be above those manipulations and I know that as I speak someone out there is saying, I am trying to talk about them but I am not talking about anybody. I am talking about the office itself. Some people have been in that office sometimes for one week or two days and are out because of what has happened and so, be on the look-out for opportunistic members of the executive and members of the political parties who want to manipulate your offices to settle scores,” President Lungu said.

He advised the DPP to uphold the constitution and exhibit high-level of professionalism in her discharge of duties and assured her of the State’s support “The constitution should be your guide; your ethics and professionalism should be your calling.

You have the support of the state and the support of every well-meaning Zambian and I am sure you are equal to the task,” President Lungu said. He said his government was looking forward to having 50 percent women representation in matters of governance but said in doing so, he will not impose such responsibilities on those who were not capable of delivering And President Lungu has directed Mr Bowa to instil a high level of discipline among officers serving at State House saying there was need for him to settle down quickly in his new portfolio and address any challenges that may be there.

“For you commissioner, you have been deputising until recently and so you know the cobwebs and the dust is State House and so you settle down quickly and help me sweep and dust this place. Indiscipline is not accepted especially for those serving at State House,” he said.

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