Dr. Mumba to fight perceived corruption in MMD

Sat, 18 Aug 2012 14:41:00 +0000

MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba has announced that the former ruling party is committed

to fight the perception of being corrupt.

Addressing the media yetserday Dr. Mumba said that the party had made various resolutions to clear the perception.

He said that in clearing the corrupt perception, all those convicted by the courts of law should step aside from the leadership and give way for the party to redeem itself from the corruption perception in an effeort to rebrand.

Dr. Mumba said that he was determined to distance the new MMD from the old perception of being a corrupt party.

“I am determined with my colleagues to distance the new MMD from the old perception of being a corrupt party. In this regard, I have proposed the formation of the Anti- Corruption Committee to monitor any activities that can perpetuate the perception. This committee shall also work with the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) to expose the many corrupt practices that have now engulfed the PF government,” said Dr. Mumba.

Dr. Mumba said that the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) at its just ended retreat in Chilanga had successifully resolved to re-brand and disassociate itself from corrupt elements in order to prepare adquately for 2016.

“I have further proposed to the next sitting of the NEC that any leader in our party who has been convicted by the courts of lkaw should step aside and allow for the process to take place. I am aware however, that there is a scheme to persecute and harass our leaders using the investigative and security wings of the state. In view of this, we shall ensure to distinguish between political harassment and a case based on justice,” said Dr. Mumba.

He said that the retreat had helped the party to come up with various resolutions on how to approach Zambian politics, adding that the party had made various cahnges whoch shall be submitted to the NEC for the final adoption.

Dr. Mumba said that the party had also appointed an adhoc rebranding committee, which would work on the recommendations in the prepaprations to unvail the new MMD to the Zambian people.

“We have collectively identified areas that must be changed. The decision to change is not an opinion but a process that has started and we have come out of the retreat more united than we could have ever imagined. United in the ressolve to give Zambia a new MMD,” he said.

And during the same briefing, Dr. Mumba apologised to the Zambian people on behalf of the party for many mistakes it made while in government.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as MMD we present ourselves before the people of Zambia and ask for your forgiveness and forbearance where we as a party in government by then failed you. We acknowledge that along the way, having started on a very good journey in 1991, we appeared to have drifted off and lost touch with the some of the needs of our people, particulary the youth, women and other vulnerable groups,” he said.

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