Drivers take on fellow drivers to bring sanity on roads

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 12:46:18 +0000



DRIVERS at Lumumba bus station yesterday took the law into their own hands and impound fellow drivers’ vehicles loading and contravening road traffic laws on Freedom Way in Lusaka.

Speaking to Daily Nation, Mr Adrian Chabula a driver at Lumumba bus station said the move was aimed at bringing sanity and reduction road fatalities especially during pick up hours in morning and evening times.

Mr Chabula explained that the Lusaka city council (LCC) was losing a lot of revenue due to some drivers avoiding paying loading fees from the station.

“We had a meeting with fellow drivers and we decided that we start stopping and impounding buses contravening the law on the roads and also those who were avoiding to pay loading fees from the station,” Mr Chabula said.

Another driver at the same station Enoch Mwanza said the vice was getting out of hand because some drivers were abrogating road traffic rules, thereby promoting lawlessness on the roads.

He emphasized that drivers and commuters should always bear in mind that boarding a bus in an undesignated place was a punishable crime.

” I urge all the drivers at all other bus stations to take the same step and start impounding and stopping  those in the inhabit of boarding or loading commuters in the middle of roads,” said Mr Mwanza.

Drivers at Lumumba bus station yesterday patrolled Freedom Way from Times of Zambia up to Lumumba traffic lights to try and bring sanity on the road.

And Harriet Maswau a commuter said the move was welcome as some drivers were loading and offloading people in the middle of the road.


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