‘Drunken’ couple crush own baby

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 11:38:28 +0000



A COUPLE in Kizhingezhinge compound in Solwezi district has killed their own six-month-old baby boy after accidentally sleeping over him after coming from a drinking spree.

North Western commissioner of police Auxensio Daka confirmed the incident in an interview with the Daily Nation and said the death occurred between 21 hours of 11th March and 06 hours the following day.

He explained that the child, identified as George Sompa, died of suffocation after being slept over by both the mother Maureen Katambi, 32, and stepfather Chilando Katunasa, 35, who were reported to have been drunk at the time the incident occurred.

“I can confirm that we recorded an infanticide case where a child was killed by his own parents.  The incident was reported by a crime prevention unit officer Rurge Kanyika,” he said.

He said in trying to conceal the crime, the couple wanted to bury the child secretly but police intercepted them.

“The body is currently in Solwezi General Hospital mortuary and both parents have been arrested,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, unknown people have broken into Pentecostal Assemblies of God Open Doors Ministries Church in Solwezi district.

Mr Daka said the incident occurred between 10th and 11 of March.

“Stolen items include three speakers,  one audio mixer, one amplifier,  a keyboard,  a bass bin mixer,  cables and microphones – all valued at K54,700,’’ he said.

He said the criminals gained access after damaging the lock of the main door.

“So far, no arrest has been made but investigations have been launched,’’ he added.



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