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Gambino Westside Pub in Jobik DJ Video Premiere tomorrow

By Terence Miselo


It will be a combination of the hottest DJs and the toughest artistes in the music game tomorrow as all roads lead to Gambino Westside Pub in Garden House area for a Jobik DJ Video Premiere and Street Party starting 15 hours to 20 hours.

The video premiere event is also meant to bring together several players in entertainment under one roof and keep patrons who will have free entry interact with their stars. Amongst the DJs lined up to support the versatile Jobik DJ include the Dopest and Freshest DJ Bizzy Wizzy alongside his all-weather friend DJ Links in the Mix.

Others include DJ Superstar Hussein known for his great mix especially at street partying, and the unpredictable DJ Vjeezy.

The above team of DJs will be supported by the youthful and controversial artistes including female duet Davaos, the fast-flowing Alpha Romeo, the dancehall terminator Karasa and the controversial singer, rapper and producer JahMali formerly J.O.B.The artistes are expected to maintain the momentum of the event before Jobik DJ showcases his new video showing his skillful sides of a DJ, rapper and producer. Gambino management are using this event to open doors to local artistes and DJs for more creative and interactive shows.



It’s a Bryan, B1 affair at Club T.L tomorrow

By Terence Miselo


Lusaka’s Club T.L behind Kabwata Primary School tomorrow night comes alive in a special Bryan and B1 musical performance to begin the month of April.

The show to be hosted by Joy FM’s Isaac Mulinda Jr. famously called Dr Zambia is meant to give the revelers a double feel of some of Zambia’s inspirational artistes.

Bryan who now prefers to be called XhrisBryan will come to this event prepared to showcase his skills and what he is known for since his ‘Breakthrough’ days. Mentored by Runell in his early stages of his career, Bryan has had a good music run and fans will be looking forward to his music such as ‘Kombweke,’ ‘Lyonse Nganakumona,’ ‘Shock Absorber’ and many of his classics.

Of course, he will also give out his latest offerings including the hit single ‘Dynamite’ whose video was recently launched.

On the other hand, B1 of the ‘Chipute’ to ‘Secret’ and ‘Perfecto’ fame will surely be a marvel to watch as he brings his rich musical collection to the table. Dubbed as one of the country’s skillful lyricists, B1 will keep the patrons in one place as he will be expected to take a long journey into his music.

The event which is open to the revelers and night gig lovers starts around 21 and is expected to go on till the early hours of Sunday.



Tasila Lungu joins model Benasho for Chawama fitness

By Terence Miselo


Following a very successful random fitness and interactive event in Matero last weekend, the Sphiwe Benasho Foundation led by model Sphiwe Benasho tomorrow moves to Chawama where Tasila Lungu, who is Nkoloma Ward Councillor in the area is expected to grace the event.

The two beauties and youth activists are combining efforts to promote good health and fitness. This is not the first time they are teaming up but the dual has also worked together on cancer awareness programmes.

The Chawama fitness event is part of the Sphiwe Benasho Foundation programmes. On this project Benasho has partnered with Define Style Fitness who are mainly known for the promotion of health and general fitness.

“Health has been our major awareness because if we have a healthy nation, we will have more productive people and that will lead to economic development. On this one we have partnered with Defined Style Fitness and so far so good,” says Benasho.

“We are happy to announce that tomorrow Tasila Lungu will be a special guest. She has always been supportive of our programmes. She will be with us in her ward and participate in the keep fit with her community.”

The fitness programme comes with a whole lot of music entertainment and aerobics which mainly involve random stops and exercises deep into the compounds and for this reason it is dubbed ‘Komboni Fitness’.


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