Extradite M’membe from exile

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It is disgraceful that Zambia security wings are failing to locate fugitive Fred M’membe who has a pending arrest warrant against him for criminal cases.

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement Secretary General David Changwe said it was a shame that a man who championed the prosecution of prominent Zambians including Presidents could himself run away from justice, “He must come back and face law.”

There was no justification, he said, for M’membe who together with former  disgraced Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito had hounded late republican President Frederick Chiluba and his late wife Regina, to avoid answering an arrest warrant if he was innocent.

“Those people they persecuted did not run away they went to courts of law and were acquitted because they were innocent. If M’membe is innocent he will be acquitted.” He said.

The courts, he said, had also found Mutembo Nchito culpable for the wrong doings for the offences he committed in his capacity as DPP, “That is why his dismissal was confirmed. “He said.

“We expect as a matter of honour And respect respect for the law that M’membe must avail himself to the security wings and face the charges fairly that remain at large in exile. “ he said.

“ Our security wings seem reluctant to start the process of extraditing M’membe when they were very eager to do so in other cases where M’membe and Nchito were at the fore front. What has changed now that the wings are silent and seemingly unwilling to act.” He asked.

Last week  NRP President  Cozmo Mumba wondered why Mr. M’membe had decided to run away when he had always claimed that he was innocent and even promised Zambians that he was coming back to Zambia since the warrant of arrest was made against him.

“Our security wings should immediately start the process of extraditing Mr. M’membe from wherever he is hiding so that he can come back home and face the charges levelled against him. As far as we are concerned, any person is innocent until proved guilty and we believe running away from a warrant of arrest is not the best thing to do.

“If Mr. M’membe cannot come home on his own, let the system facilitate his coming back so that he can be tried. No one is saying that he is guilty and there is no need for anyone to seek asylum in another country when no one has condemned him. He has told us time without number that he is innocent and so, we expect him to come home and prove it,” Dr. Mumba said.

M’membe  is facing court action for  disobeying lawful court orders to surrender all the assets of the Post Newspaper now in liquidation contrary to section 127 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. He is said to  have concealed or was privy to the concealing of the property of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to sections 353 (I)(b) of the Companies’ Act Cap 388 of the laws of Zambia.

He also prevented the production of books or papers affecting or relating to the property or affairs of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to section 353 (I) (f) of the Companies’ Act Cap 388 of the laws of Zambia.



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