FAZ to expand super League?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 13:11:09 +0000

…number of clubs to increase to 20 from current 18


THE Football Association of Zambia MTN (FAZ) super league plans  to increase the number of teams to 20 from the current 18 in conformity with regional and international standards.

The decision to increase the number of clubs in the FAZ league would however have to be ratified in March during the FAZ annual general meeting.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka yesterday, FAZ deputy general secretary Lombe Mbalashi disclosed that there was a proposal in the current FAZ constitution to add two more teams in the Super division.

Mbalashi however noted that the decision to approve or reject the proposal will be decided by FAZ councillors at the FAZ AGM.

“There is a possibility that the FAZ super league could be expanded but the proposal to expand the league would have to be determined at the FAZ annual general meeting in March. It is just a proposal in the current FAZ constitution and it can only be approved by FAZ Councillors,” Mbalashi said.

“FAZ will have its Annual General Meeting in March this year and that’s when the decision will be made on whether to expand the league,” he added.

And Lusaka Based Soccer Analyst, Derick Lukwesa said expanding the league to 20 teams would bring more competion in the league.

Lukwesa said that should the league is expanded, team selection for national team duty would be done on a broader prospective.

“The expansion of the MTN/FAZ Super Division to 20 teams will give an opportunity for more clubs from different parts of the country to take part in the FAZ Super division. It will also bring competition in the league as more clubs will be able to fight for the trophy,” Lukwesa said.

He however urged the football association to consider looking for more sponsors for the league noting that the k250 000 given to league champions was too little compared to what the clubs put in.  “There is need for FAZ to look for more sponsors for the league so that teams can benefit more because when you look at what teams get during the end of the league, you will find that it’s just a drop in an ocean compared to how much they invest,” Lukwesa stated.

“So if expanded to 20 teams, league fixtures will become more expensive to fulfil especially for teams like Real Naconde Football Club hence the need for more sponsors to come on board,” he added.

When expanded, the league will have 20 teams and will see only two teams being relegated to play division one football during the 2017 MTN/FAZ Super league season.


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