FDD can’t form Govt with Nawakwi – M’tayachalo

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 13:22:37 +0000

IT will be very difficult for the Forum for Democratic Development (FDD) to form government in 2021 if Edith Nawakwi still wants to surround herself with people who are not objective, says ‘Save the FDD campaign’ secretary general Yotum Mtayachalo.

Mr Mtayachalo said that a team of FDD members from across the country had a meeting at Court yard hotel in Lusaka last Saturday and formed a ‘Save the FDD committee’ which is headed by the party vice-president Chifumu Banda to try and solve the problems that have been happening in the party.

Mr Mtayachalo, who is the secretary general for the committee, said that the confusion in the FDD is caused by the expulsion of members who were exercising their rights on party affairs according to the party constitution.

He said that president Nawakwi held the key to resolving the problems FDD was facing because the committee was open to dialogue, saying that was why they had written to the party secretariat informing them about the meeting.

“If any person is going to say that the meeting is not recognised, then that person will not be telling the truth because we have written to Nawakwi’s team,” he said.

Mr Mtayachalo said that if dialogue failed, going to court would be the last option for them.

“Edith Nawakwi is intelligent and has played an important role but she does not want to be surrounded by people who would challenge her decisions.

“If the party should move forward, they need to respect the rights of the members, and Ms Nawakwi has the solution to these problems and unless they are resolved, it will be very difficult to win the 2021 general election,” he explained.


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