Findeco fire causes panic

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 THERE was panic at Findeco House yesterday after a fire broke out in an air conditioner in a room on the 23rd floor of the building.

The fire which was noticed around 08:00 hours was believed to have been caused by an electric fault in the air conditioner.

Fire Fighters from Lusaka City Council and engineers from ZESCO both complained about the poor state of electrical installations within the building, forcing Zesco to shut down power in the entire building for over five hours.

Zesco has appealed to National Housing Authority (NHA) which runs the building to correct all the bad wiring at the building as it posed a danger to human life.

Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata told the Daily Nation that power in the building would only be restored once NHA rectified the wiring system.

“It’s all about poor wiring, that is what caused the fire in an air conditioner  and some cables but we have told the property electrician that we shall only restore power after the entire property’s wiring has been put right,” said Mr Kapata.

He said Zesco’s installations were mounted in the basement of the building where the transformer and metering installations were found.

Mr. Kapata said it was important for property managers of structures such as Findeco House to carry out routine maintenance checks.

“It is extremely important for property managers of structures especially those structures that have seen better days such as Findeco House to carry out routine maintenance to check out wear and tear,” he said.

He said Zesco could only offer guidance and professional advice and that their job did not go beyond metering.

And Fire Brigade Redwatch officer-in-charge Richard Zimba who was at the scene complained of poor housekeeping of the building by NHA.

Mr. Zimba said the fire came from the air conditioner.

He said the fire fighters found some cables burning and used 9 kg of dry powder chemical fire extinguisher and carbon dioxide to put it out.

“We found a lot of newspapers and highly inflammable materials in one of the rooms but I have advised Mr. Nyirenda who was at the scene to clean up all the dust in there,” Mr. Zimba said.

He said it was  good that the fire fighters were called in time.

Last month Findeco House, located in the central business district of Lusaka, went for five days without power, bringing business in the building to a standstill.


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