Geologists probe Luangwa road damage

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 10:12:35 +0000



MINISTRY of Mines has dispatched geologists to Luangwa district after the main road to the area was damaged in what is believed to have been movement of the earth.

Mines permanent secretary Paul Chanda said the ministry responded quickly by sending geologists to the area to ascertain the cause of the earth movement if at all there was any.

Mr Chanda said the ministry was concerned with what had happened to the portion of the road leading to Luangwa town.

“A team of geologists has been sent to check the cause of the movement. A crater has been reported on a nearby mountain which gives a strong indication that there could have been some earth disturbance around the area,” he said.

A crater is a large bowl-shaped cavity in the ground or on the surface of the planet or the moon, usually caused by an explosion or the impact of other celestial body.

RDA director for communications and corporate affairs Loyce Saili confirmed the road damage.

Ms Saili said the damage was occasioned at approximately 4 kilometers from the junction of the Great East Road.

She said the agency is advising road users travelling to and from Feira not to use the road as there safety could not be guaranteed because the structure of the road had already been compromised.


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