Goat dairy products more profitable – DAZ

Sat, 25 Feb 2017 11:35:43 +0000

ZAMBIA can earn more income from the production of cheese from goat milk as it is more expensive than cheese produced from cow milk because of its nutritional value, Dairy Association of Zambia (DAZ) executive director Jeremiah Kasalo has said.

Mr. Kasalo said the value of dairy products from goat milk in other countries were more expensive on the market as most people preferred them.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Kasalo said goat milk as a diary product was a viable business that Zambians should consider.

He said the milk could be consumed through the consumption of dairy products like cheese, among others.

He said Zambia had few goat dairy animals and if the demand increased there would be a challenge to meet it.

“Goat milk is viable because cheese from goat milk is more expensive than cow milk but Zambia has a challenge of inadequate goats to meet the demand,” he said.  He said the only dairy animals that were in the country were brought in by the Government and were at Kanakantapa Research Institute for a pilot project. He said there was no clear road map on the inclusion of goat milk to the marketing of dairy products but that the association supported the growth of all dairy-related industries.

He observed that dairy goats would be beneficial to the growth of the dairy industry in the country.


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