Govt concerned with illegal churches-Sumaili

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THE Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance will soon come up with a self-regulatory framework to curb illegalities in churches in the Zambia, says Minister Godfridah Sumaili.

Reverend Sumaili said that the framework was necessary to bring back sanity to Church and also ensure that churches met the set standards.

She said despite the Church being sacred, it was not exempted from abiding with the laws of Zambia.

“The Church in Zambia is not in well organised form, there are a lot of illegalities going on in these churches and this this might even go to worse if nothing is done immediately,

“So to address or control the situation, my ministry will soon come up with a self-regulatory framework which will scrutinise all churches in Zambia. It is unfortunate that some Churches that were supposed to live above board are involved in illegalities, so this framework will help in bringing back order in the Church,” Rev Sumaili said.

She also said her ministry would engage churches and church mother bodies in coming up with the framework.

“We will involve the Churches and Church bodies in this decision because we want the churches themselves to come up with these regulations and ensure that we have credible churches,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rev Sumaili has reiterated that her ministry would work closely with the ministry of home affairs to ensure there was compliance among clergy coming from outside Zambia to avoid illegalities and strange doctrines.

“We will work closely with the ministry of home affairs to ensure that those clergy that come into Zambia are upright and truthful,” she said.

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo recently warned that government would not register any clergy from outside Zambia without recommendation from the ministry of national guidance and religious affairs.


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