Govt  steps in Kamanga impeachment row

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 12:01:25 +0000


By Grace Chaile-Lesoetsa

COUNCILLORS are at liberty to impeach Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga provided they have solid reasons to do so and it is within the association’s constitution, says Minister of Sport Moses Mawere.

Briefing journalists at his office yesterday, Mawere said Government had no powers to stop or assist the impeachment of Kamanga because FAZ was an independent body which was guided by its own constitution.

He said it was the responsibility of the FAZ council to deliberate over the matter, and not Government.

“The FAZ council are at liberty to impeach Kamanga. But these councillors should have a solid ground on which to do so. And their reason should be in line with the FAZ constitution and not on personal grounds. It is the councillors that elected Kamanga and hence the power lies in them. My hands are tied on this matter,” he said.

The minister advised the councillors to be mindful of the decisions they will make during the FAZ annual general meeting tomorrow as it will have a bearing on the sport.

The Northern Province Football Association (NOPAFA) dissolved committee was planning to move an impeachment motion at the AGM against Kamanga.

NOPAFA and others had appealed to the National Sports Council of Zambia to have the impeachment of Kamanga included as an agenda item at the AGM.

But the NOPAFA board was on Tuesday dissolved by FAZ and members will not be allowed to attend the AGM at Government Complex in Lusaka tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Mawere said Government will not delay justice into the matter involving suspended FAZ vice president Richard Kazala and executive member Blackwell Siwale for gross misconduct, among others.

The minister was yesterday studying the report submitted by the former Sports Council of Zambia board who carried out investigations into the matter.

“Now that the NSCZ board is not in place, I will make a verdict by tomorrow whether FAZ should table the Kazala and Siwale issue on Saturday. FAZ has written to us seeking guidance.  And on the issue of reducing the electoral college, FIFA has already given FAZ the guideline and I expect councillors to put the interests of Zambia first. It will be a drawback for football if Zambia is suspended,” he said.

Meanwhile, the minister has challenged sports associations to identify and develop more athletes to compete at the Commonwealth Games.

“We need to qualify more athletes to stand a chance of winning medals. I urge the associations to work hard and ensure the athletes meet the qualifying times,” he said.


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