Govt to buy K9m IT tools to monitor mining activities

Mon, 10 Apr 2017 11:54:02 +0000


By Buumba Chimbulu

GOVERNMENT is this year expected to spend K9 million to purchase additional laboratory and information technology (IT) equipment for the Geological Survey Department (GSD) at the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (MMMD).

The equipment would be purchased under the European Union Euro 4.69 million Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project (MPMSP).

The objective of the MPMSP is to strengthen the ability of the MMMD to fulfil its mandate to monitor effectively mining activities and mineral production in Zambia.

It would also ensure that relevant information with other appropriate Government agencies was shared to increase domestic revenue mobilisation.

Ministry permanent secretary, Paul Chanda, said the MPMSP would procure additional analytical equipment for the GSD laboratory during 2017, to enhance the laboratory’s ability to accurately analyse samples submitted by mining companies.

“In October last year we gathered at the GSD to unveil new laboratory equipment worth approximately K2.8 million. The project will procure additional analytical equipment for the GSD laboratory during 2017, which will further enhance the laboratory’s abilities. The rest of the equipment will be bought at K9 million,” Mr Chanda said.

He said the EU-sponsored equipment would help to ensure that the Geological Survey Department had the technology it needed to accurately analyse samples submitted by mining companies, prior to exporting mineral products.

He said more accurate data translated into more streamlined and precise revenue collection, which benefits Zambia as a whole.

Mr Chanda said 2016 was a big year for the project with a number of milestones reached, saying the ministry was looking forward to delivering better results in 2017. He said during 2016 the project reviewed production from all large copper mines to identify methodological issues in data analysis, and to develop a sound data analysis methodology to be used by the Mines Development Department.

Mr Chanda said this had resulted in a reduction in cases of under-reporting by some of the big mines, thereby increasing production and revenue for the country.

“We strengthened the monitoring and analysis of mineral production records and figures in the MMMD. A new form for collecting data known as ‘Form 34’ has been developed and introduced to the 11 largest mines producing 99 per cent of Zambia’s copper,” he said.


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