Govt unhappy with local contractors

Sat, 07 Jan 2017 11:09:10 +0000


 GOVERNMENT has expressed displeasure at works done by some local contractors engaged to work on toll gate plazas on behalf of the National Road Fund Agency NRFA.

As a result of this, some of the contractors have had their contracts terminated.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela said government’s morale to support local contractors had been reduced following the workforce by firms such as Nzovu Transport who were contracted to work on the Manyumbi, Kafulafuta and Choma toll plazas.

Yesterday, Mr Chitotela toured some toll plazas with the Road Development Agency RDA and the National Road Fund Agency NRFA on the Great North Road to assess progress of works on the facilities where he expressed displeasure over poor workmanship by Nzovu .

“As minister in charge of infrastructure and housing, I will not be part of letting the Zambian people down. I have work to do, hence I will not allow any contractor to be a hindrance with regards to delivering on the promise made by government,” Mr Chitotela said.

Mr Chitotela said Nzovu Transport has since been summoned for a round table meeting scheduled for Wednesday next week to discuss the modalities of the existing contract at Manyumbi toll plaza which had also stalled.

He said Government wanted to support local contractors to the fullest but their attitude towards work discouraged further awarding of contracts to them.

Last year, Government terminated the contract for Nzovu Transport over the construction of the Kafulafuta and Choma toll Plazas due to alleged poor works and was left with the Manyumbi toll plaza which he said also exhibited bad workmanship.

“A good example is the same Nzovu Transport whom Government through NRFA has fully supported in terms of payments and other logistical requirements, but has decided to delay finishing the project which was supposed to be handed over to Government in 2015. It is now over 24 months and the project is still not done,” he said.

Mr Chitotela, however, expressed satisfaction with AVIC International over works done so far at Katuba toll plaza which he said were encouraging and expressed no doubt that the contractor would finish as per Government’s desire.


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