Govt warns illegal harvesters of mukula tree

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 11:16:40 +0000


GOVERNMENT has strongly warned people who are illegally engaging in the cutting of Mukula tree and mining in the province.

The warning was sounded by North western provincial minister Richard Kapita when he inspected four truck containers detained at Kasempa police station about two weeks ago laden with over 400 logs of Mukula tree.

He said people should resist the temptation of engaging themselves in such illegal before the law catches up with them.

He said government is losing a lot of revenue from such illegal activities and that Mukula tree dealers were causing deforestation in areas they were harvesting the tree with local people not benefitting from the harvest.

‘’This is a timely warning to all those engaging in the illegal cutting of this precious tree. Let them stop before the long arm of the law catches up with them, he said.

The provincial minister said he will soon order the deployment of security agencies in chief Mushima Mubambe’s area in Mufumbwe district to monitor alleged illegal dealings in that area.

He also implored people in the area to be very vigilant and quickly report any suspicious activities because some people are taking advantage of the vastness of the area, especially in the national park.

He said the forest in the province is being decimated and therefore, there was need for communities around the forests to be vigilant in order to curb the illegal cutting of trees.

Mr Kapita was in Kasempa district on a familiarisation mission and touring government developmental projects.


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