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By Terence Miselo

Led by Staff sergeant Caleb Kabwe aka Caleb the Original General of the ‘Coup’ fame, the Green Buffaloes Band under Zambia Army  were on their best act last Friday night as they performed at Manhattan Lounge, Bar and Restaurant formerly Kalahari in Lusaka’s Mass Media area.

The band which kicked off performances slightly after 21 hours had a full package of music ranging from Kwaito, R&B to classics of the 80s, 90s and old Kalindula.

All this was to the interest of a mature audience that kept to the dance floor to show their support and appreciation for the band. In its initial performance, the band kicked off on a slow note with Timothy leading in vocals. Later the tempo was raised a bit when they did the classics and some old Rhumba music.  One of the greatest highlight of the show was when Caleb stormed the stage to perform his anthems ‘Coup’ and ‘Lobola’. That was not all but the audience went musically crazy as one of the band’s lead vocalist Shamaq played late great PK Chishala. Mimicking the legendary late singer, Shamaq was a marvel to watch as he sang most of PK’s songs word for word. The band was equally good on the instruments making the memories of the late Chishala spread through the venue. Another interesting act by Shamaq was the ‘Paul Ngozi’ set which most patrons danced to making the band a favourite at Manhattan all to the excitement of band manager Colonel Mc Gearchy.


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