HH political disaster-Lubinda

Mon, 13 Feb 2017 14:31:33 +0000


HAKAINDE Hichilema is the biggest political disaster Zambia has ever had and it is unfortunate that he has allowed to abuse the courts of law and disparage the judicial system in the country, Justice Minister Given Lubinda has charged.

Mr Lubinda said that Mr Hichilema, the UPND leader was a self-centered man with an overgrown ego who only thought about himself and had never had the interests of the country at his political heart.

He said in an interview with the Daily Nation that Mr Hichilema cultivated the propensity of abusing the courts of law and discrediting the judicial system in the name of democracy and freedom of expression.

Mr Lubinda who is Kabwata constituency Member of Parliament was reacting to pronouncements by Mr Hichilema that Zambian judges were a disaster.

He said Mr Hichilema had been abusing the country’s Judges and judicial system with impunity for a long time and that it was regrettable that the opposition leader had abused democracy to propagate his hatred against the country’s judicial system.

Mr Lubinda wondered how Mr Hichilema would appeal to the Constitutional Court’s decision on the election petition in a lower court.

“I do not know what Mr Hichilema is thinking, taking a case that has been decided upon by the Constitutional Court to the local courts.

‘‘That man is the biggest disaster I have ever known, he is fond of abusing the courts of law and discrediting the judicial system,” Mr Lubinda said.

Mr Lubinda said that the UPND leader was bent on castigating judges whenever they did not rule in his favour.

He challenged Mr Hichilema to tell the Zambian people how far he had gone with the cases he reported to the International criminal Court and the International Court of justice.

Mr Lubinda reiterated that Mr Hichilema would soon also insult judges at the international courts if they seem not to give him attention.

And Mr Lubinda advised Mr Hichilema to seek redress from the courts whenever aggrieved instead of venting his anger on the judges.

He said that there was no need for him to castigate innocent judges and that he should instead report faulty judges to the Judicial Complaints Authority.


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