I concur with President Lungu

Sat, 25 Feb 2017 10:56:40 +0000


Dear Editor,

I write to concur and actually commend President Lungu for his assertion that he will not indulge in reversing what his predecessors did but just correct and improve on what was done by them if need be.

This is pure quality leadership that is needed to propel our country forward.

Dwelling so much on reversing what your predecessor did could not only be costly but time wasting when we should be moving our country forward.

If we all can inculcate such a syndrome, then we are going to see massive development and not stagnation in most programmes and projects.

Even biblically, Jesus said he did not come to condemn or abolish the Laws of Moses but to fulfil it.

That on its own entails that President Lungu acknowledges that he is not any special; and so should be everybody else.

It is, however, so interesting but sad how some people would dwell much on trying to reverse what their predecessors did at the expense of just improving on what could have been done wrongly, if ever.

Wisdom Muyunda



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