I ‘m the only President – Lungu

Sat, 17 Dec 2016 09:27:51 +0000

By ANNIE ZULU in  Chirundu District

THERE is only one President and that is me and there are no surrogate presidents in Zambia, President Edgar Lungu has said.

President Lungu has called on Zambians to ignore Hakainde Hichilema who had been going round the country stating that he would soon be declared president of Zambia.

The Head of State said he was head of State and was legitimately elected by Zambians through the vote in the last general elections.

Speaking when he addressed a rally in Chirundu on his continued tour of duty, President Lungu said there would be no other president apart from himself and that those who were going round the country misleading Zambians that there shall be a change in leadership were in fact breaking the law.

“There is only one President in Zambia and that is me. I am in State House and State House is government and I am government. Those leaders who are going round telling Zambians that there shall be change of leadership should just be ignored. Let us work together in unity and peace for the development of the country,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu has implored traditional leaders to continue promoting peace and unity in the country and has pledged to unite Zambians irrespective of their tribes, gender, colour or religion.

And President Lungu has thanked the people of Chirundu district for having voted for him in the August 11 general election.

President Lungu observed that traditional leaders played an important role in unifying the nation.

The Head of State said this in Chirundu district yesterday when he met Chief Chipepo, Chieftainess Chiawa and Chief Sikoongo of the Tonga-speaking people.

The President also thanked the three traditional leaders for providing leadership prior, during and beyond the post August, 2016 general polls.

He said leadership from the chiefs had helped to enhance national development in the country. President Lungu said he would also continue to ride on that wise leadership and develop Zambia. He pledged to unite the people of Zambia regardless of tribe, colour, race, gender and religion. President Lungu, however, commended the people of Chirundu who voted for him and all his PF candidates in the August 11 elections.


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