Illicit drug stores in Kamanga, Chainda compounds worry residents

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 13:22:15 +0000



MUSHROOMING of illicit drug stores in Lusaka’s Kamanga and Chainda compounds has raised a lot of concern among the residents as some drugs being offered for sale are expired.

Mr Thomas Kasaro of Kamanga compound said the trend was getting out of hands and alleged that some drugs which were being sold were expired.

He said the same was true of Lusaka’s Obama compound.

Theresa Mutale of nearby Chelstone Green also said that there were many unregistered drug stores operating freely in the compounds.

She further alleged that they were also selling abortion medicine and conducting illegal pregnancy termination services.

Ms Mutale advised drug store owners that it was important to have their business registered to safeguard the lives of people.

She appealed to Zambia Medical Regulation Authority (ZAMRA) to move in quickly and start shutting them down the illegal drug stores until they registered with Zambia Pharmaceutical Authority (ZPA) under Act no.3 of 2013.

And Charles Kabwiku from Chainda compound who owns a drug store said the people that were selling medicines were not qualified physicians although under the current law, nurses, clinical officers and other medical personnel were allowed to sell drugs.

He said the situation was a health hazard because government was not monitoring how these drug stores and chemists were operating in communities.

“These people who are found in chemists are not trained and have no idea about the prescribed medicines, hence they display the medicines which are not supposed to be on shelves and do not check expiry date. Some sold expired drugs,” said  Mr Kabwiku said.



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