I’m still PF lawyer, says Tutwa

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AM still ruling Patriotic Front (PF) legal counsel because my appointment can only be quashed by the general council through which I was appointed, Kabwe Central constituency PF Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube has charged.

And Mr Ngulube said that he had not received any letter from the PF secretary general Davis Mwila informing him of his removal from his position as legal counsel of the party.

He reiterated that as far as he was concerned, the dismissal was just a rumour and that he did not recognize it.

Mr Ngulube said in an interview with the Daily Nation that he was still the legal counsel of the ruling party and that he would continue executing duties as such.

He also explained that the PF constitution was clear that it was only through a general council that he could be dismissed from his position.

Mr Ngulube said that he could not appeal his dismissal as PF legal counsel because there was no official dismissal letter served on him.

“As far as I’m concerned I’m still legal counsel of PF; my dismissal will only take effect when I’m officially served with a letter so that I can challenge it. It’s like a court document, until I receive a letter, it will remain hearsay.

“I was not appointed by an individual, I was appointed by a general conference. If you look at the PF constitution, any decision of the general conference can only be set aside by another general conference,’’ he said.

Mr Mwila is alleged to have dismissed Mr Ngulube from his position in the party on account that he was representing Mazhandu Family bus company which had sued Government.

Mr Ngulube however said in a statement that Mazhandu bus company had not been in court with the PF.

“A lawyer shall not be intimidated or condemned for the choice he makes as regards his clients and friends. A lawyer should be ready to defend his ethics and client without fear of punishment or condemnation as I did,” Mr Ngulube said.


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