Indiscipline in PF

Tue, 27 Dec 2016 10:40:55 +0000

ACTS of insubordination and insolence engulfing the Patriotic Front, particularly on the Copperbelt, manifest the worst kind of indiscipline.

Revelations by the PF Kitwe district secretary Chileshe Bweupe that some former ministers and members of the central committee are involved in covert activities with the intention of undermining the party leadership ought to be taken seriously.

This is not the first time that such insinuations have been made. It means that there is some element of truth as there can be no smoke without fire.

The governing party appear to be under siege from some disgruntled members who are bent to frustrate the party leadership and particularly so undermine the party President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Ostensibly, the observations made by the PF Copperbelt district secretary that the worst enemy of the ruling party is not the opposition but within itself is worth noting.

It is basic knowledge that a house divided against itself cannot stand and the PF cannot endure permanently with some of its members being disloyal.

There is need for discipline to prevail within the rank and file if the PF as the governing party is going to attain its set objectives.

It is irrefutable that for some time now, some greedy PF members on the Copperbelt have been pushing an agenda against Government premised on the plight of the retrenched miners.

What is most discomforting, however, is that the behaviour of such senior PF members is synonymous with the opposition political leaders whose aim is to gain political mileage out of the suffering of the people.

For instance, it is otiose for any right thinking individual to blame the slump in the copper prices on the London Metal Exchange on the PF led government. It is a factor that no government has control over.

And capitalising on the closure of some mines to cause a revolt against Government is the worst form of indiscipline particularly by some senior party members of the ruling party.

Government demonstrated good will to help all those miners who had lost jobs by providing them with land on which to settle and empowered them with start-up capital to engage in farming activities for their livelihood.

Therefore, assertions projecting that Government has neglected miners clearly exhibit lack of sincerity.

The despicable behaviour of cadres when the republican Vice-President Inonge Wina recently undertook an impromptu visit to the Copperbelt check on the reported wrangles over illegal land allocation attest to the high levels of indiscipline in the party.

How about the public defiance to protocol exhibited by PF councillors in calling for a review of their paltry K700 monthly allowance?

All these incidences clearly show that there are disgruntled senior PF members who are inciting other party members to undermine the party leadership.

As a ruling party, PF must instil discipline among members who defy the party constitution and standing orders. Condoning such levels of indiscipline has potential to cause division in its party structures particularly on the Copperbelt.

Is the PF disciplinary committee scared of disciplining its erring senior party members?


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