It’s an illegal strike, KCM tells off workers

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 13:02:40 +0000


KONKOLA Copper Mines has declared the work stoppage by its workers who are demanding increased salaries as illegal.

KCM underground employees in Chililabombwe yesterday downed tools demanding for a salary increment the mine management said the work stoppage illegal.

KCM manager for public relations and communications Shapi Shachinda said the move the company’s employees had made was a contravention of labour laws salary negotiations still ongoing between management and the unions and no dispute had been declared.

Mr Shachinda said KCM values the cordial relations which exist between the workforce, the unions and management.

The mining company manager for public relations and communications said since 2014, KCM had faced challenges related to the low copper price and the higher cost of power.

Mr Shanchinda said the challenges the mining company had been facing recently had been explained to the  employees and other stakeholders in numerous forums.

‘’Despite these external factors, many initiatives have been implemented to successfully manage down the overall cost of production,’’ Mr Shanchinda said. He said the management at KCM has engaged the employees and their representatives urging them to return to work immediately.

Mr Shachinda told the Daily Nation that the management at the mining firm would continue to engage workers’ representatives to find a lasting solution to the problems the company was  facing.


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