It’s time for economic restoration – Mutati

Wed, 04 Jan 2017 14:21:20 +0000


GOVERNMENT will this year work around the clock to re-balance the economic and financial position of the country and set conditions for sustained economic growth, Finance Minister Felix Mutati has said.

Mr Mutati said government would also play its full role in creating and sustaining the conditions needed for all Zambians to exercise their potential to develop themselves and the nation at large.

Mr Mutati said this year was for the country’s restoration of fiscal fitness, for sustained, inclusive growth and development which would only be achieved through government’s commitment to implementing its economic recovery plan.

“The Patriotic front PF government will continue to proactively address the difficulties that beset us with aggressive determination and focused resolve. 2017 is Zambia’s year for restoration of fiscal fitness, for sustained inclusive growth, and development?” Mr. Mutati said.

Mr. Mutati however, called on individual citizens and the corporate world to be at their best in ensuring that the targets set at the micro and macro level of every endeavour were met to surpass the previous targets.

He said government could only achieve its economic recovery program by working together with all sectors of society.

“In these challenging times, the need for national unity becomes even more pronounced and imperative if we are to cross the hurdles that threaten our prosperity today and in the future. Economic challenges affect all people and to succeed in achieving the emancipation, we so desperately desire as a people, we need to summon our collective knowledge and wisdom.” Mr. Mutati added.

The Finance minister said government consulted widely before providing the allocations and proposing revenue measures that were approved by parliament in the 2017 National Budget and that the measures form a firm foundation for the country’s economic recovery programme; ‘Zambia Plus.’

“This year, Government will work to re-balance the economic and financial position of our country, thus setting conditions for sustained economic growth, jobs and wealth creation.” He said.


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