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THE State urgently needs to take action against the United Party for National Development (UPND) and its leader Hakainde Hichilema because it is a treasonable offense not to recognize the duly elected republican president Edgar Lungu, former UPND trustee Ntheye Mwewa has demanded.

Meanwhile, UPND Southern Province publicity and information secretary Neto Halwabala has been reported to the police over his statement that his party and people of Southern Province do not recognise President Lungu as the Head of State.

A group of youths led by Network for Young People Against Violence (NYPAV) executive director Moses Kalonde yesterday stormed Lusaka Central police demanding for Mr Halwabala’s immediate arrest.

Mr Kalonde charged that Mr Halwabala’s remarks against President Lungu were tantamount to treason, a serious crime not only in Zambia but also in other countries.

“We have decided to take it up by reporting him to the police, as concerned young people, because we all know that Zambia has one President and that is Edgar Lungu, so if the UPND say they don’t recognise him, then let them tell the Zambian people who they recognise,” Mr Kalonde said.

And a former UPND trustee Mr Mwewa demanded that the State should take action against the UPND and its leader Mr Hichilema.

Mr Mwewa said maybe after being disciplined, Mr Hichilema and the UPND could become mature and stop issuing reckless statements.

Mr Mwewa also charged that the position taken by the UPND in Southern Province had the potential to divide the people.

In a statement issued to the Daily Nation, Mr Mwewa demanded that the UPND in Southern Province should reverse their position in order for unity and peace to prevail in Zambia.

“It’s public knowledge that Mr Edgar Lungu was declared winner by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), so this issue of ‘we do not recognize the current regime’ is extremely unacceptable and a complete failure of imagination.

“We all know that there are some people who are so power-hungry that they have now reached the extent of being rebellious against the current Government,” he said.

Mr Mwewa said it was about time that the UPND went back to the drawing board and found out why they were a political organization.

He said the UPND should also reflect whether their existence was solely based on dividing people or to offer constructive checks and balances that would eventually benefit Zambia as a whole.

“We need to emulate the way the United States of America (USA) practice their politics if we want to progress as a country since we decided to follow a system of governance that they practice.

“Hillary Clinton despite the FBI proving that the Russians were involved in somewhat influencing the elections went ahead to congratulate Mr Donald Trump and subsequently recognized him as the legitimate head of state,” he said.

Mr Mwewa said every leader should take responsibility of their actions, adding that it was just reasonable for the UPND to reverse the party’s position.


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