‘Kabimba not planning to re-join PF’

Sat, 28 Jan 2017 11:36:51 +0000

THE Rainbow Party has described as propaganda, social media reports that its leader Wynter Kabimba has been frequenting State House to reconcile with President Edgar Lungu in a bid to be adopted as a running mate in the Patriotic Front (PF) in the 2021 general elections.

Rainbow Party national coordinator Robert Chikwelete said there had been

‘innuendoes and malicious propaganda’’ against Mr Kabimba that he was contemplating abandoning his party and returning to the PF where he was allegedly seeking  to be the next vice-president.

Mr Chikwelete said Mr Kabimba was a principled leader who was not going to leave the Rainbow which he founded under an ideology that would completely change the way politics were practised in Zambia.

He said in an interview that Mr Kabimba was a dedicated leader who was going to work hard until the Rainbow Party formed government under a socialist ideology which he said was being vigorously sold to Zambians.

Mr Chikwelete said the people who were fabricating stories that Mr Kabimba was frequenting State House had been shocked by the stability and popularity the Rainbow Party was enjoying and had embarked on malicious propaganda meant to cause confusion in the opposition party.

He said the Rainbow Party was aware that some of its former members were championing a crusade to weaken the party because they had realised that it was the only party with the possibility of forming the next government.

“There has been propaganda on some social media that
Comrade Wynter Kabimba has been frequenting State House in a bid to be considered as a running mate to President Lungu in the 2021 general elections. These reports are totally untrue meant to derail the progress the Rainbow Party has made.

‘‘The Rainbow Party is the only political organisation that has shown stability and we are massively selling our socialist ideology. Comrade Kabimba is not going anywhere and remains the leader of our party. We are going to form the next government under the socialist ideology under Mr Kabimba,” Mr Chikwelete said

He called on party members not to listen to the political gossip against Mr Kabimba but  continue with their mobilisation as the Rainbow Party was preparing for the next general elections.

He said the Rainbow Party, as a mature political organisation, was not going to engage in politics of name calling, malice and vengeance because its priority was to serve Zambians in the best possible way.


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