Kabwata ward 6 councillor calls for promotion for entrepreneurship

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ZAMBIANS should promote a culture of utilizing opportunities that come in different forms as means of uplifting their livelihood, says Kabwata ward 6 councillor Longa Chiboboka.

Mr Chiboboka said entrepreneurs were good for the economy and employment, adding that the Government supported innovative startups and helped them grow.

The civic leader noted that innovative skills especially to the people at his ward had taken development to another level as they had any opportunity to engage in various activities to improve the communities.

“Empowering skills and knowledge on stock inventory and savings was vital for any developing country, and it has to start from the grassroots level,” he said.

Mr Chiboboka told the Daily Nation in an interview that the Government had been trying its level best to support any form of entrepreneurship skills that were cornerstone to the development of the country.

He was speaking alongside 40 marketeers at Kabwata Market who were undergoing business and entrepreneurship training under the ‘The Stella Project’ partially funded by a small grant from the US Embassy Public Affairs Section, in its bid to develop knowledge, skills and abilities in marginalized communities.

He said the current empowerment projects would equip a number of business men with knowledge to grow and sustain their businesses.

And The Stella Project founder Stella Sata Rukayi said the organisation aimed at empowering marginalised communities, providing access to quality education resources and developing knowledge skills and abilities in the communities of Zambia.

Ms Rukayi said the levels of illiteracy among the communities had prompted her to form an organisation with the support from friends to help rebuild the communities.

She said the market projects was aimed at assist entrepreneurship with formal knowledge to improve the informal sector.

Ms Rukayi explained that Kabwata appeared to be a largest organized market in Lusaka, hence started with and that the project would as well spread to other parts of the country.


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