Kambwili ranting injures PF

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CHISHIMBA Kambwili should avoid being a populist politician who speaks without verifying facts because ill-informed utterances are causing massive damage to the ruling party which he claims to represent.

And a PF founder member Mubanga Chileshe has accused Mr. Kambwili of lacking understanding of democratic tenets and principles that encompass good governance.

The sentiments have been made following Mr. Kambwili’s public comment on the fake story that Government would only allow public drivers to work for “four” hours on which he publicly condemned Government before it was discounted as a lie.

“He should have waited for clarification before issuing a statement against his own party and Government on matter that was not true,” he said.

Commenting on the differences between Mr. Kambwili and Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda, Mr. Chileshe said the ego with which Mr. Kambwili was practising in politics was dangerous.

He has declared that reconciliation would only be attained if his supporters were reprieved.

He said holding party members to ransom on the premise that he was the PF founder member was being dictatorial and would only succeed in tearing the party apart.

He said while the initial constitution of the PF was almost a blueprint of the UNIP constitution, party members resolved to change the document to make it all-inclusive and that there was no way Mr. Kambwili could be detesting members from other parties when Michael Sata appointed deserving candidates to his Cabinet.

He noted that at the rate frustration had possessed Mr. Kambwili, he would even fail to run his own political party if he formed one.

And Mr. Chileshe said there was need for Government to set up a committee of inquiry on what transpired on the seized properties of Dr. Chiluba because there was no clear record from the task force on corruption and the ACC.

“Dr. Chiluba never saw justice up to his grave. Yes, he was acquitted but ACC and the task force on corruption held on to his properties without any clear record on what transpired to these properties all these years.

“Government must set up a commission of inquiry to establish the truth about how these investigative wings administered these properties which were believed to be proceeds of crime because continued holding on to them even after Dr. Chiluba’s acquittal is not right,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chileshe has expressed sadness at the death of Regina Chiluba.


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