Kan2, Wezi, Bombshell’s ‘Unajaila’ wins kudos

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 09:14:49 +0000


By Terence Miselo

 In what seems to be a reminder of what one expects from ‘girl power’, female artistes Kan2, Wezi and rapper Bombshell have teamed up to do a rendition of Tiye P’s ‘Unajaila’ a song that has received great commendation from followers and fans.

The trio loosely teamed up on this one to emphasise on the strength of a woman and probably add more value to the song in as far as addressing issues of women in relationships is concerned.

The song is done in a sentimental low tempo tune and clearly brings out the real talent behind the three.

It is even more refined and gives a more pronounced vocal output especially from Wezi and Kan2. Bombshell adds that authentic street rap to make the song complete.

Originally, ‘Unajaila’ was performed by Tiye P also known as Mwana Wa Nyirenda featuring all-time producer Kekero. This is the song that probably identified Tiye P as a real promise for good music.

It has since won him a lot of accolades and performances. With the coming of this latest version, Tiye P is on the right path to fame as one of the good songwriters.



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