Kapata takes a swipe at South chiefs

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 12:44:38 +0000


CHIEFS from Southern Province who went to show solidarity over the arrest of UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema are his cadres and hypocrites, says PF chairperson for elections, Jean Kapata.

Ms Kapata explained that such chiefs were hypocrites because they only showed up when the law caught up with UPND leader and could not advise him when he was messing with the rule of law.

“It is unfortunate that chiefs can parade themselves as cadres for UPND and also why are they coming now to show solidarity to the party leader, they had all this time when he had been misbehaving in terms of not accepting defeat, they did not come out in the open to advise him to move on,

“They do not mean well, these chiefs are hypocrites you can even tell that they are hypocrites and I have no apology to make. We are calling a spade a spade,

“Ms Kapata said in an interview that those chiefs were supposed to provide guidance to the nation unlike grouping up themselves and becoming “cry babies.”

She said those chiefs should be mindful that at the rate UPND was going, it had the potential to cause a civil war in Zambia; a situation she said was uncalled for.

“Now that he has endangered the President’s life, they come out in the open and start having press conferences at his house, to us all those chiefs are political cadres and if they want they can join politics and we will deal with them as political chiefs,

“I condemned them in strongest terms, they are part of governance in this country and they must be able to advice when something is wrong,” she said.

Ms Kapata advised the UPND to get over the election loss and re-organise their grass roots.

“UPND must emulate Sata when he lost elections in 2008 by only 35, 000 votes he called upon followers to focus on 2011. That was a massage of peace not division,” she said.


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