Kasama girls’ sexual abuse reports exaggerated-Sampa

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 14:23:46 +0000



THE story of Kasama Girls Secondary School pupils being sexually abused by teachers was exaggerated, Kasama Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa has said.

Mr Sampa said investigations into the story have proved that the reports circulating in some sections of the media were not true.

A few weeks ago, a story went viral on social media in which an alleged Grade 12 pupil of Kasama Girls Secondary School revealed how school guards, chefs and some male teachers were using their positions to sexually abuse pupils in exchange for various favours.

The Member of Parliament disclosed to the Daily Nation in an interview that he had an interaction with the pupils at the school and that what came out was not what was reported.

“I had a very fruitful interaction with the pupils at Kasama girls where I shared motivational talks as a Member of Parliament for the area. I know what has been going on in people’s minds for the past few weeks is that there has been so much sexual abuse of our pupils.

“But with the findings that have come out, it is not what was reported. What came out negates what has actually been speculated in the media,” Mr Sampa said.

And Mr Sampa also charged that the story had negatively affected both pupils and teachers at the school as they were being ridiculed.

He, however, stated that Kasama Girls Secondary School would remain one of the best schools in Zambia as this had been proved by the school’s performance in the previous years.

“This exposure is tormenting the pupils and teachers. The pupils are now being mocked which is not good and I am very concerned both as a Member of Parliament and a parent.

“Kasama Girls is one of the best schools in Zambia, if you look at the results of the school’s performance, it is exceptionally well,” he said.


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