Kasama woman wins K3 million Zambian lotto Jackpot

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 08:45:21 +0000


A 32 year old woman of Kasama in Northern Province is a new millionaire on the block after winning K3, 735,400 million Zambian Lotto Jackpot.

Susan Mubanga Kabwe who was yesterday presented with a cheque of more than K3 million at the Zambian Lotto Headquarters in Lusaka expressed happiness and said that her life had changed for the better after winning the jackpot.

The mother of four who could hardly believe her luck thought she was dreaming after having realised that her ticket numbers matched the winning combination of the week worth K3, 735,400.

Mrs Kabwe said her siblings and family celebrated the whole night and only slept after 04:00hours and continued the celebrations the following morning.

“I thought I was dreaming when I looked at my ticket. I had to confirm four times personally and get confirmation from my relatives, children and my husband to be assured that the numbers were correct,” said Mrs Kabwe.

She said she had been winning smaller amounts like K50 and K300 but never gave up on one day winning the big jackpot and that on the day of the draw she had a strong feeling of winning the prize.

“I have been winning small amounts like 50 and 300 Kwacha, but I never gave up on wining the big jackpot. You can’t believe it when I tell you that the money that has won me these millions was my last one in my purse. I thank God that I did not give up but believed,” she said.

Mrs Kabwe encouraged other players not to give up but continue to have confidence in their playing as playing with doubts would not yield them anything.

“The future for my family looks even brighter with this money. Though, I will continue with my business but I am definitely buying houses so that I get rentals to take care of my family,” she said.


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