Keep surroundings clean, councillor urges residents

Thu, 15 Dec 2016 14:45:20 +0000



WE have neighbourhood watch committees who are working round the clock with the police and the council to ensure that residents indiscriminately throwing garbage are arrested, says Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Kapwepwe Ward 25 councillor Patrick Salubusa.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Salubusa said that each of the 12 zones in the Ward would have a neighbourhood watch committee which would collaborate with the police and the council police to ensure that residents who were found indiscriminately throwing garbage were brought to book.

He said that this was against the background that residents in the area had continued to throw garbage in drainages which had posed a serious challenge as the water system would be blocked from time to time.

“Following the continuous indiscriminate disposal of garbage by residents, we have decided to come up with the neighbourhood watch committees who will work with the police as well as the council police to monitor anyone deliberately or indiscriminately throwing garbage and if found such a person will be brought to book,” he said.

Mr Salubusa said that zones such as Chunga, Desai, Lilanda estates, Twikatane, Lilanda site 5 and Paradise compounds would be closely monitored by neighbourhood watch and that anyone found disposing off waste anyhow would be arrested.

He said that sensitisation campaigns on the need for residents to keep their surroundings clean would continue in the ward.

Mr Salubusa, who is a comedian and fondly referred to as Komboni ambassador, said that the process of removing garbage had commenced in the Ward, hence called don all residents to take part in the exercise.

“We have started the process of removing garbage from the ward and we do not wish our hard work to be undone by residents throwing litter anyhow,” he said.

He said that today he would carry out a sensitisation campaign in Namando Zone of Chunga over the need to keep surroundings tidy.


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