LAZ MUTE … as Judiciary bans cadres

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 09:38:25 +0000



 THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) yesterday remained mute over the conduct of the UPND cadres who rioted at the grounds of the High Court where they caused mayhem, smashing doors and windows of the court as well as window screens of motor vehicles for lawyers.

And the Judiciary has threatened to adjourn court cases involving the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to later dates if their cadres continue harassing and causing confusion on the court grounds.

The Judiciary says it is disappointed with the UPND cadres who run riots with the police on the grounds of the High Court breaking doors, windows and smashed window screens of cars belonging to lawyers.

In a statement made available to Daily Nation, Judiciary chief administrator Nalishebo Imataa said that the judiciary was disturbed by the fracas caused by the UPND cadres.

Ms Imataa disclosed that several motor vehicles belonging to lawyers and a Government motor vehicle belonging to the registrar of the Commercial Court Division had their windscreens shattered.

“The judiciary was disturbed by the fracas caused by the UPND cadres. Several motor vehicles had their windscreens shattered. Several doors and windows of the high court building were also damaged” she said.

Ms Imataa also said that the rioted affected court operations and that the entire court premises were engulfed in teargas.

As a result of unacceptable behaviour by the UPND cadres, the judiciary has with immediate effect banned cadres from gaining access to the court premises.

“Should this directive be disobeyed, the affected cases shall be adjourned to later dates,” Ms Imataa warned.

She however disclosed that several UPND cadres had since been arrested.

Meanwhile, there was chaos and mayhem in Lusaka when UPND cadres caused terror at the Lusaka High Court and their own secretariat which left a trail of destruction in which vehicles were smashed while the windows and doors of the High Court were shattered.

And, stones zoomed by, lawyers cars were smashed, teargas canisters reverberated as chili soot covered the Supreme and High Court grounds which were turned into battle zone by the UPND cadres who clashed with the police at the hearing of the petition against the election of President Edgar Lungu.

The UPND cadres went on rampage smashing windows of cars and shattered the doors and windows of the High Court as well as lockers using an assortment of ammunitions in an attempt to force themselves into the chamber of High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo with the aim of physically harming him after he issued a notice that the matter was going to be heard in chambers.

The cadres virtually turned the High Court chambers into boxing rings where lawyers, judges and witnesses were reduced to spectators of a fist-fight between the police and the cadres. Onlookers, bystanders, lawyers, petitioners were forced to seek refugee into Judges’ chambers as the UPND cadres ran riot causing terror at the court grounds.

The UPND cadres led by Innocent Kalimanshi who was expelled from the PF for violent activities were bussed from across Lusaka and besieged the grounds of the High Court as early as 08:00 hours yesterday and chanted anti-government slogans while the police watched on.


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