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THE government should seriously consider legalizing the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, says Medical Association of Zambia president Aaron Mujajati.

 In the campaign advocating for the legalization of the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes in Zambia,

Dr. Mujajati said the high value crop marijuana could successfully b be used for medicinal purposes.

In a post on his facebook page he said the military especially the Zambia National Service (ZNS) would be better placed to cultivate the crop in a secure and controlled fashion.

Dr. Mujajati said there was need to examine the evidence on medicinal marijuana and begin to consider the possibility of legalizing use of medicinal marijuana in Zambia.

He said the mounting evidence that there was use of medicinal marijuana was huge and that it was something that was being talked about by everyone.

“The use of medicinal marijuana is something that can no longer be talked about behind closed doors, the information is there for all of us to see,” Dr. Mujajati said.

He said time had come to sit down and examine the issue objectively to determine the way forward on its legalization.

“How soon can we have an open and objective evaluation of the process of getting our home grown marijuana to the market? Medicinal marijuana works,”

“I am not an economist so I cannot speak intelligently on the economic benefits, the risks can be managed, legalize medicinal marijuana,” Dr. Mujajati said.

Green Party president Peter Sinkamba is  already advocating for the cultivation of marijuana for use on among things medicinal and bio-energy.


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