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Mon, 26 Dec 2016 10:57:17 +0000

HH and GBM playing with the Judiciary

Dear Editor

The decision by HH and GBM to complain against Judge Mwila Chitabo is an exercise in futility and childishness. I hope that the Judicial Complaints Commission will not give them a hearing because their conduct is despicable.

They have absolutely no moral right to petition the judge who was only reacting to their very unreasonable and provocative conduct.

In the first place the two ignored the advice proffered by the Judge not to allow hordes of cadres to invade the court premises during the hearing of their case.

It was as a result of their deliberate disregard of the advice that mayhem broke out at the court. If they had listened nothing of the sort would have happened.

I am even surprised that Judge Chitabo did not prefer contempt charges against the UPND leadership which has continued total disregard for the leadership and rule of law. They behave as iof they are in Government. If anything one wonders what sort of Government these people would have led if they were in power because they have no regard for the law and authority. It simply means that they would not have had any second thought to disregard the law.

Judge Chitabo has been very lenient by not imposing a much stiffer penalty against cadres who conducted themselves in such a   crude manner. They tried to force open the chamber for them to hear proceedings when it was made very clear from the outset that proceedings were to be in chambers, usually attended by legal counsel only.

Dissatisfied with the chamber hearing and subsequent adjournment they decided to demonstrate their anger by shouting and conducting themselves in an unruly manner.

This conduct should not be condoned and it will be very unfair if the Judicial Complaints Authority will legitimize the bad conduct with a hearing of any type.

After all he who come to equity must do so with clean hands. HH and GBM do not have clean hands as they were supposed to have controlled their cadres against causing mayhem at court premises.

The authority must use this case to dismiss frivolous complaints which are intended to cover for serious misdeeds. Charles Mwape


Opposition in Zambia quickly losing relevance

Dear Editor

I am now more than convinced that our opposition political parties have become totally irrelevant to the political landscape of this country.

I say this because all they talk about is falsehood, promoting hate in the country and offering useless criticism to the government of the day.

They don’t offer solutions to whatever challenges government may be facing because they do not have any, so all they can do is insult in all manner.

Take leader of ADD Charles Milupi who is obviously seeing a different Zambia than the rest of us.

Who is pushing Zambians where for them to react? Total gibberish.

For me, I think our opposition leaders should learn to keep their mouths shut if they have nothing to talk about instead of making noise for many of us who know them better.

It is so boring and shocking that each time any one of our opposition leaders open his or her mouth, it is only venom that comes out. Why should that be so?

This certainly cannot be our way of life as Zambians, more so that we are a Christian nation who should know better how we should treat each other.

Leaders are chosen by God so those who are we in the bad habit of insulting such leaders are only bringing misfortunes on themselves which they may live to regret for the rest of their lives.

And of course it is stupidly easy to become an arm chair critic and say whatever you want because either you are not part of the system or out of sheer ignorance.

So Mr Milupi keep you cool Zambians will not react to anything because they are not under pressure from anyone.

The economic challenges Zambia is going through have been plainly explained to them and because they have ears unlike our opposition leaders, they have appreciated them.

Once more I wish to appeal to fellow Zambians to love one another and ignore politician whose sole work is to sow seeds of hate and discontent in the nation.

Let us begin 2017 on a better note, as a united country. For those politicians who think they are  not happy or fit to be in Zambia, they are perfectly free to leave.

But I am sure whatever Zambia is currently going through will come to pass. This darkness will  surely be followed by sunshine one day soon or later whether  some opposition political leaders like it or not.


Sylvester Chapona, Kafue Estates

Zamtel Kabwe Offices

Dear Editor

As a Zambian citizenI have the responsibility to support local businesses and help the economy of our nation to grow.

However, I was shocked to see the state of the ZAMTEL Front Offices in Kabwe.

This is the office that attends to all clients who want services from this company.

It is unacceptable for a big company such as ZAMTEL to have offices that greet clients with broken floor tiles on the main entrance.

Let us not just be interested in marketing and selling our products and services but neglect offices that welcome your clients.

Wisdom Kaunda



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