Lungu explains his 2021 presidential contest

Sat, 07 Jan 2017 11:12:27 +0000


 PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has justified that it is his constitutional right to contest the general elections in 2021 once the Patriotic Front (PF) endorses his candidature. 

And President Lungu has explained that he decided to announce his availability for the 2021 general elections because there some members within PF who had been causing confusion on the matter.

Addressing journalist before his departure to Ghana for the inauguration of that country’s President-Elect, Nana Addo-Akuffo yesterday, President Lungu said some members within the PF had been going round the country positioning themselves for 2021.

He said he was following the law when he announced that he was ready to stand to stand in 2021, adding that there was no need for anyone to rise against him.

“It is my right to contest and if the PF endorses my candidature then I will have the mandate that is how it goes.

“In fact, it is not time to worry about 2021 but I wanted to put this to rest because others were jostling and positioning themselves and bringing confusion in the party,” President Lungu explained.

The Head of State said the people who positioning themselves were known hence his decision to add his voice.

“You know very well people who have been going round the country positioning themselves for 2021 so I also added my voice to them that I am also available in case they didn’t know. So should that offend anybody? No,” President said.

And President Lungu said he would take advantage of his invitation to Accra, Ghana, to discuss the Joint Permanent Commission agreement which was agreed many years ago but not signed.

“We are going for the inauguration of the President of Ghana but we will take advantage and discuss the Joint Permanent Commission agreement which was agreed upon many years ago but has not been signed in order to activate Zambia’s relations with Ghana once more,” President Lungu said.

He explained that there was a Joint Permanent Commission which was agreed upon but that the agreement was not signed.

President Lungu said his invitation to Ghana would also seek to try and see whether the JPC could be signed.

He said Ghana was a very important partner in Africa, adding that their democracy was equal to Zambia’s hence the need to share best practices between the two countries.

President explained that Zambia would be looking at sharing best practices with Ghana in all the areas including the mining and oil industries.

The President will be among other invited Heads of State and government, attending the inauguration set for Saturday.


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