Lungu not our bPresident-UPND

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THE Opposition UPND in Southern Province has as a matter of party policy vowed not to recognize President Edgar Lungu as the Head of State.

UPND provincial publicity and information secretary Neto Halwabala said in a statement released to the media in Livingstone that the people of Southern Province were suffering due to President Lungu’s leadership.

“As UPND in Southern Province our position on Edgar Chagwa Lungu is very clear and no amount of intimidation will force us to recognize him as a republican president of Zambia. Stealing an election in 2016 was an act of treason against the people of Zambia,

“As a result of President Chagwa Lungu’s mediocre leadership, our people are suffering. Local farmers cannot afford fertilizer for their crops; civil servants are living in fear because PF has infiltrated the civil service with its cadres masquerading as professional civil servants,” he said.

Mr. Halwabala claimed that Zambia was no longer a safe country to live in because President Lungu was masquerading as the republican president. “Lungu is a danger to our peace and national stability simply because he wants to destroy the democracy this country is built upon,” he said

The current events where police through the instructions of President Lungu were trying to muzzle the media through arrests and intimidation.

“We want to warn Lungu and his people that his days in State House are coming to an end soon and he must start preparing to account for his criminal and corrupt activities he is committing while masquerading as a republican president,” said Mr Halwabala.

“Zambia is bigger than Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu; no amount of intimidation from him will change the fact that he is not wanted by the Zambian people. Lungu even fears to allow his corrupt judges to hear our presidential petition for obvious reasons,” said

Halwabala’s statement comes barely two days after President Lungu visited Livingstone and warned that consequences for those who do not want to recognize him would be too drastic for them.


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