Lungu pardons all independent MPs

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 10:33:46 +0000

By Oscar Malipenga

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has pardoned all the Patriotic Front (PF) member who contested the August 11, 2016, general election as Independent Members of Parliament after being left out during the PF adoption process.

President Lungu said that all former PF members who stood as Independents including Mr Mutale Mwila, Independent Member of Parliament for Chimwemwe and his Chipili constituency counterpart Mr Jewis Chabi, who defeated PF secretary general Mr Davis Mwila, have all been pardoned.

The Head of State announced this yesterday on arrival at the Kalulushi airstrip on a one-day Copperbelt tour of duty.

“Where is the secretary general? Please note that I have with immediate effect pardoned all former PF members who stood as independent MPs including Honourable Mwila of Chimwemwe and the young man who defeated you in Chipili. I have pardoned all of them,” he said.

President Lungu further directed all PF members to welcome back and embrace all independent Members of Parliament who have been pardoned.

He said the party would not fail to identify among the Independent MPs who were loyal PF members and those who belonged to the opposition.

“It will be easy for us to distinguish our loyal and true members among the Independent MPs. The genuine PF members among them will listen to our voice,” he added.

And Mwembeshi Independent Member of Parliament Jamba Machila, who welcomed President Lungu’s decision, pledged to work with his Government in order to deliver development to the people of the constituency.

“It does not matter which party and people are in Government. As Members of Parliament we have to work with the Government of the day in order to be co-opted in Government developmental projects such as the fight against the African army worms and delayed distribution of farming inputs,” he said. Mr Machila urged all the Members of Parliament regardless of their political affiliation to work with the Government of the day in order to deliver development to all the parts of the country.

He said even if there were to come a new government in power all MPs would have to work with that government because they were part of the executive.


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