Lungu preaches education for all

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CITIZENS from poor and humble backgrounds will not be denied an opportunity to quality education because government’s intention is to ensure that all Zambians have access to good education and health services, President Edgar Lungu has said.

And President Lungu yesterday donated hampers to New Year babies born from Kanyama and Chipata clinics and implored parents to take care of them.

Speaking after donating food stuffs to Needs Care Community School in Ng’ombe Township in Lusaka yesterday, President Lungu challenged pupils to put in their best if they were to make it in life adding that no learner from the vulnerable communities will be disadvantaged from accessing quality education as government was there for them.

He said he always felt at home interacting with people from humble backgrounds because he experienced the life they were going through as he belonged to the vulnerable group.

“No Zambian should suffer lack of education because he is disadvantaged by living in a humble community like this one. We are going to make sure you get good education, good health and get all those things that people are supposed to get from their government and your government is here for you. God did not make you to poor. He has given you full potential just like me who came from a humble beginning but today I am the president.

“I am a Komboni boy myself and when I venture into these communities, I am the happiest. I have no words because I feel at home here. I am delighted to be here because I belong to the vulnerable group of Zambians but I am sure I also serve as a role model that you can make it to the top and be influential even as humble as you may be. So, nothing should disadvantage you to a point where you give up on your ambitions in life,” President Lungu said.

He said government put placed great importance to people who stay in vulnerable communities because they are the ones who determined the fate of those in politics.

“The majority of the people who make political decisions which put us in and out of office are the people in these communities and so, we cherish and love you very much and that is why I chose to come here today to be with you.

“We bring these gifts to you though this is nothing compared to what you need but in our own way, we will try to expose this institution to the nation at large so that others can also emulate us,” he said.

And President Lungu yesterday donated hampers to babies born on New Year born babies from Kanyama and Chipata clinics and implored parents to take care of their children.

President Lungu, who was accompanied by First Lady Esther Lungu, urged the parents to take good care of their children.

Meanwhile, Ms. Lungu urged women to take a leading role in encouraging their husbands to practice child spacing and not only make promises when they are being attended to at the health facilities which they did not fulfil in their homes.

She said it was important for parents


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